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"I always seemed to be suffering from viral infections and felt run down and tired. Cold sores were also a constant problem and made my life miserable. I was prescribed herbal medicine – a tincture and a course of tablets; after a few weeks I began to get my energy back and now hardly ever get infections or cold sores since taking the herbs. Maria, SE London "







Jackie Power
 Medical Herbalist

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21st Century Herbalism  

Every major civilization throughout history has relied on plants for their healing and therapeutic qualities. The Ebers Papyrus (c.1200 BC) contains a prescription of herbs for migraine based on much earlier medical documents. Some current pharmaceutical drugs are based on plants - but only the active constituents are copied and then synthetically produced for use.

Modern Herbal Medicine combines the western tradition of using plants to treat illness, with orthodox medical knowledge, diagnostic skills and a scientific training. The herbs prescribed are usually tinctures or teas made from leaves, roots, berries or flowers. Medical Herbalists use herbs from around the world, but concentrate on the British, European and North American herbal traditions.

In the 21st Century, Herbal Medicine is increasingly supported by scientific and evidence based research. There is also a growing interest in alternative and complementary treatments. Many health issues and problems can be effectively dealt with using the Medical Herbalist's approach; this can avoid the need for pharmaceutical drugs.

Western Herbal Medicine is distinct and different to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and also Homoeopathy.