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"I always seemed to be suffering from viral infections and felt run down and tired. Cold sores were also a constant problem and made my life miserable. I was prescribed herbal medicine – a tincture and a course of tablets; after a few weeks I began to get my energy back and now hardly ever get infections or cold sores since taking the herbs. Maria, SE London "







Jackie Power
 Medical Herbalist

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What can Herbal Medicine treat?

Many health conditions that are usually taken to the GP can be effectively treated by a Medical Herbalist. These include high blood pressure, musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis; migraine, stress, anxiety and insomnia. Digestive health (gut dysbiosis) and boosting immune resilience are other issues that can be addressed with herbal medicine.

What to expect when you consult a Herbalist?

The first appointment lasts one hour. A detailed medical and lifestyle history is taken; I also check blood pressure and will recommend other tests if I think they are necessary. Treatment includes advice on nutrition and lifestyle; a herbal prescription which is usually a blend of several herbs (tinctures); or it might be dried herbs to make infusions (teas) and tablets. I may also recommend specific vitamin and mineral supplements. I can make up creams, ointments or essential oil blends as part of the herbal prescription. I offer support via phone or email between appointments – free of charge - if required. A follow up appointment is needed 3 weeks after the initial consultation to check on progress. Treatment can last a few months or be ongoing dependent on the complexities of the health condition. An acute illness is usually quicker to treat, a chronic condition may take longer.


  • First Consultation - new patient (one hour) £85.00
  • Subsequent follow up consultation (half an hour) £55.00
  • The cost of medicine is dependent on the herbs prescribed but tinctures are usually £10 per 100 ml (lasts 7-10 days).


The herbal medicines prescribed are usually organic and/or biodynamic tinctures from my Dispensary. The herbal tinctures come from suppliers authorised by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).